From Forrests To The Streets

Dominat3's Journey

     As a rookie in the music industry, Dominat3 learned fast that every person you meet has the potential to change your life. He took every chance to network and learn from his peers. In 2015 Dominat3 began the slow journey into the music scene. From house shows, to shows at the local skate shop. Dominat3 took advantage of every opportunity. Before he knew it he had connected with the festival scene through his best friend and mentor "Cameron Daye".

      Dominat3 found his home performing for people that actually cared about what he was saying, more than just how he sounds. This brought a whole new light to the music industry for him. He began performing with bands as well as by himself at any festival he could. "There must've been something in the air, some sort of energy that kept drawing me in." Dominat3 said when we spoke with him. He seemed to love everything about performing at festivals. He was talking with a smile ear to ear. So we asked "What changed?".

     "I love performing, that's why I make music, but that's not the only way to become a successful musician."

     Dominat3's words hit home for nearly any musician in these pandemic riddled times. He went on to explain his plans and reason for changing them throughout the years.

     "I wanted to monetize my craft, but I never want to sell out. I'm here to use my voice for what I deem important while I hopefully generate income and financial stability with my music." - Dominat3

     Dominat3's strategy included some basic and some complicated moves. Of course recording your music seems like a no brainer to most musicians, but Dominat3 began his career with absolutely no plans to release music. He said "There are too many 'One Hit Wonders' and I do not want that to be me." So he took a different approach to his music. He records music to release, while keeping some music true to his original intentions. For example, 'A Beautiful Mind Trip'. An album that includes some released music (maybe 3-5 songs, he wouldn't say) yet consists mostly of music he has performed over the years. "This is an experience just for my fans that come to see me perform." Dominat3 expressed as he explained the project. He told us that he is working with visual artists to cultivate a true performance from live visuals, to choreography that can captivate the audience and truly express his vision for his music. 'A Beautiful Mind Trip' is making it's debut at Boombox In The Boondox 2021.

     After our conversation with Dominat3 we realized he isn't like most artists. He truly has a passion for his craft and a passion for everyone within the industry. With his new album 'Bass & Treble' releasing March 27th 2021 and the other 3 projects he is bringing to the world this year, we truthfully recommend that you check out his work. He has smooth tracks  you can relax to, hype tracks you can work out to and so much more in between.

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